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Translation of the Psalms with poets & musicians in the Kom community, using a multi-model approach to internalisation, translation & performance.


We have the NT in Kom and our OT project started 3 years ago. One of the ways in which the Psalms project is helping is that we are learning how to translate biblical poetry. We were fortunate to be one of the six languages selected for the PTS pilot that began in 2022. Our group is made up of poets, pastors, translators, and oral literature specialists. It wasn’t until we started that we discovered that some people in the group had musical talent.

One pastor (Nkain Evarate) loves composing and singing so much. He keeps bringing a new musical instrument each time we meet, trying to make sure our singing improves all the time.

The impact


Praise BOBO [Yhwh]! And thank you for sharing this here [WhatsApp]. Can somebody share the translation of Psalm 103? I memorized the first four verses of this Psalm a few years ago because it spoke to and about my life.

Dr. Kimbi Paul

Pastor Francis Mungwia

After 4 workshops and 30 Psalms translated, we are receiving a lot of encouraging feedback from Kom people throughout the world. Pastor Francis Mungwia is one of the translators. On Tuesday 25 April, after our third workshop in Mbouda, he wrote a widely circulated devotional where he said:

“I have chosen for us to study this Psalm because of how it ministered to me personally and I believe will also minister to you. I am talking about Psalm 103. It tells us to remember to thank God for who He is, and for all his benefits[ . . .]”

Although wrote the devotional in English because he pastors a multi-ethnic church, it is clear that he had had a better understanding of the psalm because he had translated it into Kom before.

Pastor Evarate sent a Psalm performance to one of his friends and he wrote:

“Good morning brother. I honestly love this wonderful initiative. You people are doing a great job. I will get back to you after sharing this with our choir members.”

Pastor Nkain Evarate

Chia Joy

“I received this from my sister in the US last night. She says, ‘it is making rounds on social media here in the States’ ”

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